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Hey!! I'm Dustin Bogle and I'm a Gym Owner that loves to solve problems. I stumbled upon a unique solution for Gym Owners while working on a problem for my own

personal training facilities.

I hired an admin to do lead follow up by quickly realized I set them up for failure in a loud and distracting environment. I hired a sales person who worked from home and it changed my business from that point forward. It was a HUGE success!!

Now I created a done-for-you service where my team of sales experts sell trials and challenges on your behalf so you can get more clients through your doors.

This allows you to remove a huge weight off your shoulders. You can rest assured that your leads are being nurtured the right way (to build relationships) while converting them into paying trial members.

Here's What You Get With Gym Reinforcements:

Dedicated Sales Rep

Your gym will get a fully trained sales professional that knows your CRM Software and will follow our proven sales script to sell your fitness program.

Positive Energy Only

One of our core values is
Happy Selling. That's why we only hire friendly, positive and high-energy sales reps that will give the best customer service to your leads.

100% Inbound Coverage

We will respond to all inquiries that come in via text, email, phone call or DMs on Facebook and Instagram. We will respond promptly and nurture them toward buying your trial offer.

High Energy Outbound

After responding to inbound, we switch into outbound where we send out mass texts and make calls to your leads and prospects. Our goal is to learn about your leads and build trust.

Marketing Planning

Dustin hosts a monthly exclusive marketing planning meeting for all Gym Reinforcements customers. He will outline how to get more leads internally (from member referrals) and externally from ads.

EOD Reports

Each day you will receive a short and precise End-Of-Day Report from your Sales Associate outlining daily production - total calls, sales completed, pending sales and notes from our calls.

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This Is The Best Investment We Ever Made." - Tom H.

"We Got 40% More Members!"

- Jody C.

"It's An Absolute No Brainer."

- Ryan F.

"We Have The Most Members Since Opening!" - Fabian R.

"Gym Reinforcements Is One Of The Best Investment I've Ever Made."

- Carl H.

"It's Taken So Much Off My Plate as a Gym Owner and Freed Up My Time."

- Lamar P.

"Gym Reinforcements Paid Off Big Time!" - Sergey M.

"I Wish I Got Started Sooner."

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